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Nov 09: An ordinary youth from an affluent family was able to enroll in an Ivy League institution. Earning degrees in political science and public administration, he returned to seek appropriate career options. With the tag value of his degrees and more, most of the doors of prospective employers opened up without the slightest of effort. He was soon flooded with attractive offers from international agencies, autonomous bodies, corporate affiliates and administrative service. And after some weighing and comparing, he settled in a cosy career path with possibilities of speedy rise to higher management positions – a win-win situation indeed!

A brilliant lad with humble background, who had topped all the way to the higher secondary school, entered into a well-known local university. He became a sought after student by the faculty members by virtue of his bubbling talent, promise and merit. After completing some of the most challenging academic exercises as his dissertation, he bagged his well-deserved degrees in the same discipline. But when he began trying his luck for a befitting gainful employment, he found out that merit and attainment alone are not enough!

After knocking at different doors in vain, he finally accepted a mundane position in a line government department - to eventually work up as a ranker. A different brand emblem of the institution and its western location would have added far more to his life.

It is an undeniable fact that the various brands that exist in the realm of education have a direct bearing on the future prospects of the concerned students. An unwritten praxis is normally found in this respect. The prestigious institutions of higher learning located in New England or Californian shores in the United States are a celebrated mention. Other locations in that country also have plenty of universities which trademark their alumni with certified success in professional lives.

Historically established campuses in Oxford, Cambridge and elsewhere in the United Kingdom are another assorted mention. Most of the cities and counties in Britain have well-established campuses that now potray motley of educational brands. Similarly the ancient campuses in Benelux countries, Germany, France, Spain and Italy have a credible existence in the domain of knowledge.

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